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Added 14 January 2013, updated around 20 January.

We've had a hot day or so recently, our highest temperature recorded was 43.3 Celsius on 8 January, the end of a hot fortnight, and then it got hotter, 4 days later on 12 January we recorded 46.1 degrees Celcius. The damage we sustained was minimal, some rainforest trees had a few burnt leaves, from heat stroke, they will recover, some had all their leaves burnt, they should recover. Fortunately we had some rain, 3.7mm the day after that hottest day. I stayed in on the 8th, on call with the local Rural Fire Service, on the 12th we went to beach, expecting only a little more than 41C, we came home through a truly violent thunderstorm.

The Australian Bureau of Meterology have produced an overview for Australian temperatures for that fortnight, SPECIAL CLIMATE STATEMENT 43 Interim, the figures for each day at the end of the document sum up quite a lot. Another chapter in our warming climate.

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