SassafrasBirdsnest ferns and Syzygium floribundum

Botanical name     Trochocarpa laurina             

A common name   Tree Heath


Young plant

Trochocarpa laurina leaf Tree HeathThis Trochocarpa laurina is about a metre tall, in shade most of the day, they seem to do well that way.  Apologies for the fuzzy photos, they will be retaken.

Trochocarpa laurina new shoots red growth

If you see them at the right time the new growth is almost irridescent, not dull like this.

Trochocarpa laurina Tree Heath

Trochocarpa laurina have quite distinctive leaves with their longitudinal leaf veins.


Trochocarpa laurinaThe new growth is not quite as red as it can be.

Most of the photos above and below were taken with a little Olympus, hand held, pre tripod days.  The top one is blurry, no flash used, the bottom one is washed out from the flash.  At least you can see the white fruit and the distinctive vein patterns in the leaves.

Trochocarpa laurina is another species I will retake photos for.

Trochocarpa laurina fruit
The fruit is white....  The fruit of Trochocarpa laurina must be popular, they seem to dissapear quickly.

Reasonably mature