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Note all images after October 2013 are in the Atlas of Living Australia, the Sassafras collection is at but the lists are maintained for all identified species.
The Lists and photos if I have any, all before October 2013.
The Plant list
The Bird list
The Animal list
Projects and various other pages.
Projects- the page
Fire sticks and the passing of time.
Leeches and Ticks
Maybe it looked a little like this
Plant Identification
Putting Sassafras back together again
Putting the Figs back
The Shade House
The trees were bigger then.
The Tweed Shield

This Site Map
My rainforest reference books and links.
Trees - just those with photos! 
Ackama paniculata
Acmena smithii
Alectryon subcinereus
Backhousia myrtifolia
Brachychiton acerifolius
Capparis arborea
Commersonia fraseri
Corymbia intermedia
Cryptocarya obovata
Dendrocinide excelsa
Diploglottis australis
Doryphora sassafras
Dysoxylum fraserianum
Dysoxylum rufum
Ehretia acuminata
Emmenosperma alphitonioides
Eucalyptus microcorys
Eucalyptus propinqua X biturbinata
Ficus coronata
Gmelina leichhardtii
Guioa semiglauca
Heritiera actinophylla
Myrsine variabilis
Mischocarpus australis
Rhodamnia rubescens
Schizomeria ovata
Trochocarpa laurina
Waterhousea floribunda
Plants not known by this name in NSW - Synonyms
Argyrodendron actinophyllum subsp. actinophyllum
Syzygium smithii
Syzygium floribundum
Grasses, Herbs and Shrubs
Asperula asthenes
Eupomatia laurina
Lianes and other vines
Pandorea jasminoides
Parsonsia straminea
Ripogonum discolor
Adiantum formosum
Asplenium australasicum
Calochlaena dubia
Pyrossia rupestris
Wallabia bicolor
Ornithorhuynchus anatinus
The original Photo gallery, just old Waterhousea.......
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Mooral Creek weather charts
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Mooral Creek weather yesterday
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