SassafrasBirdsnest ferns and Syzygium floribundum

Botanical name                  Schizomeria ovata

A common name                White Birch


Young plant


Schizomeria ovata young leavesI wondered what this one was for quite a while.  Then the wattles shading it got twisted around themselves and broken during a storm.  Then the leaves on this sapling got sunburnt during a 40 degree plus Summer day, then they put out a flush of bright red growth. 

That's when I made the connection with the more mature tree a hundred or so metres away.

Reasonably mature

Schizomeria ovata flowers and leavesA more mature specimen, maybe a hundred metres from the young one above.  Scars from shed stipules are visible.  Unfortunately the photo is a bit washed out, I used a flash, not having a tripod at the time.  Exposures without a flash under the canopy are always slow.

Schizomeria ovata new growth

New shoots on Schizomeria ovata are quite vivid, on the top of a tree from a distance it looks like the tree is in flower.

Shizomeria ovata young trunk

On the right is the trunk from a smaller spreading Schizomeria Ovata tree. 

This tree is at least couple of hundred metres from the other 2 pictured above.