SassafrasBirdsnest ferns and Syzygium floribundum

Botanical name                  Rhodamnia rubescens

A common name                Brush Turpentine


Young plant


Rhodamnia rubescens leavesThe leaves of Rhodamnia rubescens take on their mature form early on in the life of the tree.  You can make out the softly furry nature of the leaves, bristles just visible on the leaf edges if you magnify the image (press ctrl + till you reach the desired magnification).

These photos are from a little tree about 1.8 metres tall. 

I had cleared around this as a young plant, about 15cm tall about 5 or 6 years ago.  It has not had a cage around it, that will be why the trunk, shown below, has a few twists, from chewing or maybe snapping events.

Rhodamnia rubescens juvenile trunk
I re-cleared the larger regrowth of Small Leaf Privett maybe a month or 2 before this photo was taken.  I will have another go at it again in a few months, it will stay clear for quite some time then.  There are enough other good trees coming up to eventually shade out the privett here.  With denser shade than Brush Turpentines can provide.

Reasonably mature

I'll have to go for a bit of a walk.