SassafrasBirdsnest ferns and Syzygium floribundum

Botanical name      Melicope micrococca

A common name    White Euodia


Not yet

Young plant

Melicope micrococca  White Euodia
This young Melicope micrococca has made rapid progress since being caged just over a year ago.  They are a favourite food for Swamp Wallabies, see the 2 leaves at 12 o'clock.  They are also prone to being eaten by other leaf eaters.  Popular for its' leaves.

Melicope micrococca  White Euodia

This is a White Euodia that has had more leaves during its' life time.  Even though the rate of leaf decay on the ground here is very high I believe that they have been chewed off because leaves normally only fall off after a couple of years and there are leaf scars above the lower two leaves.

It is not having any problems with the conditions, the leaves it has generally look quite healthy.

There are quite a few Melicope micrococca in this area of varying sizes, seedlings to trees.


Melicope micrococca juvenile trunk White EuodiaThe leaves don't change much once Melicope micrococca gets beyond about 30cm tall.  It is the trunk that changes.

This particular specimen is about 6 or 7 metres tall.  At this point the trunk is about 3 or 4cm in diameter, at about 2 metres or so above ground.

Reasonably mature

Melicope micrococca trunk White EuodiaA bunch of trunks.

In the centre of the picture are 4 trunks, the two going left are Mallotus philippensis, the next trunk with white lichen all the way up right hand side is Melicope micrococca, coming out of it half way up is another M. philippensis, then to the right a little is a Crytocarya glaucesens.

The Melicope micrococca is now just taller than the other two trees and will get considerably taller.

Melicope micrococca trunk  White Euodia
The same trunk a couple of years ago to the month, July 2009.

I took the two photos from the same angle, I believe the dark mark is visible on the image above, about half way up, if that is the case, the lichen has expanded considerably.

Melicope micrococca leaves

The leaves are compound leaves with 3 leaflets, palmately trifoliate.