SassafrasBirdsnest ferns and Syzygium floribundum

Botanical name         Dysoxylum rufum         

A common name       Rusty Mahogany


Dysoxylum rufum seedling

Little Dysoxylum rufum bear little resemblence to slightly larger specimens. The leaves while perhaps slightly hairy are not distincly hairy, they are entire and alternate.

Young plant

Dysoxylum rufumNow a little older, the alternate leaves have given way to pinnate leaves, in simple terms, a leaf composed of many leaflets.  What looks like a row of leaves along a small branchlet is a pinnae, they will eventually fall off in their entirety, not loosing the leaflets seperately.

Dysoxylum rufum are still not particularly hairy or furry at this age.

The spiny small leaved plant to the left of the Rusty Mahogany is a juvenile Maclura cochinchinensis (Cockspur Thorn), not yet truly vicious though bad enough if you were silly enough to grab a hold of it.


I will have to make it a priority to get some photos of some 2 or 3 metre tall specimens I know of.

Reasonably mature

I haven't seen one on Sassafras yet.