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Botanical name            Diploglottis australis

A common name          Tamarind


Diploglottis australis seedlingQuite a stiff furry little plant, inclined to pop up in moderately dark locations, as most rainforest seedlings do. 

Young plant

Diploglottis australis  Tamarind young plant

Some species sit around for years waiting for that extra bit of sun light from a fallen branch or tree, Diploglottis australis just keep on growing.  They will grow through the middle of fairly shady trees like Glochidion fernandii (Cheese Tree) under a cover story of Eucalyptus microcorys.  They are adapted to low light situations.


Diploglottis australis TamarindOnly a young tree but this one has the leaves and fruit of a bigger tree.  It is actually fairly tall growing out of the bottom of the gully, just thin.

Reasonably mature

Diploglottis australisA larger specimen with fruit.

Diploglottis australis fruit

The fuit are popular with a number of species of birds.